Monday, July 18, 2011

Drawing Fundamentals

I've recently enrolled in the Graphic Design program at MATC, dipping my toes into the water with Drawing Fundamentals this summer.  My first real art class, and I got an A.  :D  My final critique:

You have the Midas touch.  Every challenge was met & achieved in spades!  You have a keen analytical eye and a great hand for drawing.  I truly hope that you continue to advance your considerable ability!  Both your classroom & on location work was terrific--the Union picture really worked well!

Loved you chicken in pen & wash & your crowning finish in our media blitz was the 2nd monotype of the figure on the floor.  Beautiful job!

It was really a pleasure to work with you!  You bring a lot to the table and I look forward to seeing your progress through the program.

Knock 'em dead kiddo!!  Great job!

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